Friday, August 13, 2010

Post Exam

9.30 - 11.30 pm - Biopharmacy Exam



1.00 pm - Went back home to pick my car
Got time to play with Arissa for a while.

2.30 pm - Came back to Vista to fetch Lukman

3.00 - 5.00 pm - Shopping!
Buy the necessary things only. My aims were achieved today which were to get a new pair of Jeans and slippers from Padini Concept Store. We bought our food for buka puasa as well. Lukman shopped a lot today! Even though he didn't plan it..

7.30 pm - Buka puasa with take-away Kenny Rogers at Lukman's house
We ate as quickly as possible and after that we went to IMU.

8.15 pm - Went to IMU to watch M208 'The Kampung Boys' Stage Play
Even though I received negative feedback during the rehearsal, the real play was definitely awesome and full of comedy! Congrats to all my friends from M208 for your wonderful performances! The band + drama + dances + cultures are all superb!

the M208 band! Joash, you are the best!! ^^
They played Negaraku
Then a medley of Love Story, Nobody and some other songs
Ending it with Rasa Sayang Hey!

Chinese fan dance

bersanding ceremony + silat performance

7M6 forever~

Lahar gang!

11.00 pm - Had a quick drink with my gang at tasik
We had our final conversation before we head to our hometown respectively.

11.30 pm - Sushi time
The sushi Lukman and I bought from Jusco this time tasted not as good as it used to be. Maybe it was prepared by a new cook. It's oversour! Maybe too much vinegar.. Lol..

12.00 am - Drove back to Shah Alam with sleepy eyes.. lol


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