Monday, December 7, 2009

Jom Heboh 2009 @ Bukit Jalil

Today, I went to Jom Heboh Carnival with some of my friends. Just went there to jalan2 as well as watching the concert which took place at night at the stadium compound, Bukit Jalil.

There's A LOT of people, might be from all over Malaysia. Not so many artist performed today. The performances included The Fabulous Cat, Hattan, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Misha Omar, Jaclyn Victor, Estranged, and Anang. We were quite surprised because most of the people came to see Siti performed because soon after that, many people left the concert. The concert was hosted by Ally Iskandar and Faisal Ismail.

We went to tour the carnival to buy some food since I only had several slice of cake for my dinner before we headed to the carnival, and now my belly kept on singing.

There's a lot of garbage scattered around the carnival. That's why Malaysian people are classed as third class mind people. They didn't know the usage of garbage bins which had been placed all around the site.

We spend most of our time watching the concert. At first, I was with Anis and her cousins, later I joined Fariz and her friends. Later, Ida and Syamin saw us. Fariz said that Farrah and Fyruz also came.

Fariz and her friend

with Ida and Syamin
Anis and cousins

There's a beautiful fireworks been shot in the air at the end of the concert. It was colourful and loud. I bet the medic student might be pissed off because they were busy studying for their final exam.

We waited there until most of the people left to see if we were lucky to take photos with artists. And we were quite lucky, we got Ally Iskandar, Cat Farish and Azwin Andy from Estranged. However, Misha and Jac were surrounded with bodyguards who only know how to say "TAK BOLEH!", which referring to us who wanted to take photos with them.

Ally Iskandar

Cat Farish

Azwin Andy from Estranged

Ok, jom balik..

Next destination : Anugerah Juara Lagu 24 [10 Jan]


anisz said...

celup gambar andy aku..

Unknown said...

celup jgn x celup.. haha..

LoLLy~ said... aim...ajl....hak3

Unknown said...

yezza.. mari g ramai2..

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