Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cipak and Aleen Felt Surprised!

What were they so surprised of?

Well, we managed to surprised both of them by throwing a great surprise birthday party last Thursday. Cipak was surprised that day, but Aleen kinda had an instinct about the party.

Right after usrah and Maghrib prayer, the boys attacked the house at Vista B but the attack wasn't successful because the girls weren't prepared yet. So the boys calmly waited outside for more than half an hour with Wan. She came just a few minutes after we arrived.

Our menu today was Domino pizzas which I had ordered through phone. 2 large and 4 regular pizzas seem to be just enough for 13 of us. I was worried that there gonna be a lot of leftovers.

We started the party with Cipak and Aleen cutting the birthday cake bought by Anis. Thanks Anis for the effort.

Happy Birthday!
Sweet 21 for both of you.
Have a great life and live happily ever after.

18 SG scene. Do not try this at home!


LoLLy~ said...

gile r....da r wat kt umah ktorg...xkntoi plak 2 ngn cipak...aku ngn parus mmg hebat :p

Unknown said...

cipak mmg blur n clueless.. sgt menjadi!

aikasayang said...

hahaha...sian syifa...korang ckp dia blur

~MawaddaH SKIS~ said...

hazwan, tak bgtau lg pun jumlah bayaran..tak nak aku byq ka??
aku mengalu-alukan jika aku tak kena byaq..hahah

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