Saturday, December 26, 2009


Surabaya - Bromo - Batu Tour

Travel Agent : ADI's Tours & Travel Service
Flight : Airasia, Everyone Can Fly
Participants : 8 pax [My family and Uncle Arop's family]


Day 1 - Transfer in Bandara - Surabaya City Tour

We were welcomed by our guide, Pak Wisnu and driver, Pak Wibowo.

Visit Masjid Agung Surabaya - The largest mosque in Surabaya

Lunch at Rumah Makan Antika. Menu : Nasi Padang

Check in Hotel Sahid Surabaya

Shopping for batik

Dinner at Cafe Mirota, which is located inside the batik shop. I tried the nasi rawon.

Day 2 - Surabaya - Tanggulangin - Bromo Sunrise Tour

Went to Tanggulangin and shopping leather products

Visit Lapindo, a place which had been buried by hot mud. The people there used to dig the earth to find oil but only mud came out. As the bad consequences, the place was buried under the 10 metre mud causing the place fully covered by hot mud. The mud is still coming out and the government had to tambak the land in order to prevent the mud from flowing to other places.

Lunch at Warung Bu Kris. Nasi rawon again.

Masjid Cheng Ho

Check in Hotel Bromo Permai. The atmosphere was very very very cold. Colder than Cameron Highlands.

Day 3 - Puncak Penanjakan - Kawah Bromo - Batu

Wake up early at 3.30 am and boarded a jeep to Gunung Penanjakan to watch sunrise. The ride was a bumpy one. Sakit buntut aku.. Huhu..

Ride a horse to Mount Bromo. This was my first time riding a horse, but I had experienced an elephant in Chiang Mai before. We watch the kawah there. Still releasing smoke.

Went to savanna.

Continue our journey to Batu, Malang.

Dropped by Coban Rondo waterfall.

Check in Villa Dyah Ayu.

Dinner at Seulawah Cafe. Seafood plus pasta.

We changed hotel from Villa Dyah Ayu to Hotel Pitaloka because the villa was too scary for us to stay. The Bali concept villa got a lot of warrior statue and naked women illustrations in the toilet which are not suitable for Muslim.

Day 4 - Petik Apel - Malang City Tour - Surabaya

After breakfast, we fetched Pak Hendra (Pak Wisnu's friend) at Seulawah Cafe.

He brought us to see Dr.Azhari house where he bombed himself there. It was a terrace house.

Plucking apples at Batu. Bought a t-shirt here, the design here was quite cool.

Went to Workshop Agroindustri Olah Pangan nearby. They manufactured kerepek, dodol and juices. Got manggo, jackfruit and apple crackers, and apple juices.

Seafood lunch at Gerai Gemar Ikan. We feed a lot of ikan koi there.

Eat durian at tepi jalan.

Shopping at Matahari Batu. Bought several t-shirts here. Matahari is one of our favourite shopping spot in Indonesia.

Check in Hotel Sahid Surabaya one more time.

Day 5 - Surabaya Shopping - Bandara Juanda

Shopping at Plaza Jembatan Merah

Lunch at Rumah Makan Bundo Sati. Menu : Nasi Padang

Visit Masjid Agung Makam Sunan Ampel. Only my dad went to see the makam. I was to lazy to go there.

Fly back to Malaysia.

*A day after we went back, we continue our holiday at Taiping and Perlis. :)


cahaya wawa said...

omg... sangat best tour kamu.. masjid cheng ho sangat oriental.... thumbs up.... very2222222 nice... next time nak plan g sana gak lah...

Unknown said...

tp kn.. kt sini tade souvenir bes2 utk dibeli.. kt mount bromo je ade jual t-shirt.. kt bdr surabaya pn tade souvenir.. keychain2 pn tade.. huhu..

LoLLy~ said...

sakan ko eh...jmpe anis x kt pelis??

Unknown said...

x jmpe pn.. cm malas.. penat lgpn.. huhu...

~MawaddaH SKIS~ said...

cantik arr yg sunset ka sunrise tu ntah..

Unknown said...

jah.. terang2 aku tulis tu sunrise... hak3.. ni mst x bace.. tgk2 gmbr je kn?

Anonymous said...

Nice brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

Inoka said...

saya ada rencana ke Malang dan Bromo. Boleh share contact number tour guide yang kamu pakai? Terimakasih

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