Monday, December 7, 2015

Pulau Tioman | Pahang

Hey guys.

Today I'm gonna write about my trip to Pulau Tioman few months ago. This trip was organised by my parents who booked a package from Matta Fair. We had postponed this trip several time due to work commitment and unavailable timing. All of us joined the trip. The cost the package was around RM320 which includes accomodation 3D2N, meals and snorkelling.

Day One

We departed earlier one day and stayed overnight at Endau. We booked  budget hotel which could accomodate all of us. Our boat schedule was at 10.30am tomorrow. That night we had seafood dinner at a restaurant nearby, Restoran Nusantara.

Our ferry departed from Terminal Feri Tanjung Gemok which is located just 10 minutes away from our hotel. Our ferry left the pier at around 10.30am if I'm not mistaken. The journey took 2 hours. Lama gila ok! The journey of course not so smooth with some bumps. Kebushhh kebushhhhh~

Two hours later, we reached Salang jetty. By the way, Salang is the furthest back on the island, thus our turn to alighted from the boat was the last one. Our accommodation for 3D2N trip was at Salang Pusaka Resort. It was a very nice area with a lot of chalets and some restaurants. Be careful around here as there are a lot of komodo lizard (biawak) around here. Please take care of your children.

After checking in our rooms, we had breakfast at the restaurant nearby. Lunch was not included in the package, therefore this one was on us. Actually the food was good here. There was nasi goreng nemo in the menu which was basically a seafood fried rice. I was thinking they put the real nemo inside the fried rice. Lol.

Later that day, we went out and take a stroll along the beach. The beach was nice, we could just snorkel from here. Many tourists were already inside the water at that time. Since we still haven't claimed our snorkel set yet, therefore we just swam at the beach. The kids played with the sand, they brought their own beach toys set. Pastu gaduh berebut2. Kids.

Day Two

It's our snorkelling day! Just enjoy the photos okay? I'm lazy to write anymore. Haha..

We had to take turn in snorkelling as we have small kids. The snorkel area was nice as well, a lot of black-striped yellow fishes could be seen as well as Dory. However the corals weren't very nice though. Maybe we had to dive down deep inside the sea to see the pretty corals. But the most important thing to bring during snorkelling is bread. Fishes love breads. Hahaha..

For dinner, we had barbecue set. They served fishes, cuttlefishes, chickens, sausages and lambs. The food was so awesome but the portion was so big until we could not finished them all.

Day Three


Another long journey from Endau to Shah Alam. Esok kerja pulak tu. Huhuhu..


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