Thursday, June 5, 2014

Penang 2014 - Mini Reunion (Day 1)

Assalamualaikum & Salam ceria ebelibodi..

It's been a while.. Really a while.. I cannot maintain my blog and update it regularly anymore. I don't know why maybe because working life had been hectic lately. So, after having a little chit chat with my friend recently, he encouraged me to update my blog regularly to keep the viewers coming. So in this entry, I'm gonna write about my recent visit to Penang for Wanji's wedding. Congrats Wanji & wife!

The newlyweds 

After attending Wanji's wedding in Parit Buntar near the Perak-Penang border, me and several friends drove to Penang. Only a few of 7M6 members could join which include Anis, Syifaa, Fariz and Bee. Yup, only five of us out of 10 people. We got the chance to cross the newest bridge, Jambatan Kedua Pulau Pinang (JK2PP). The toll was RM10 which is more expensive than the old bridge.

Batu Feringghi

Our first destination was Batu Feringghi. We had book Bayview Beach Resort for our stay tonight. Only one night since we all didn't plan to extend our leave. I've google-map the place and this hotel is situated just beside Hard Rock Hotel Penang. This was gonna be awesome! As a HRC collector, this was an advantage. Hehehe.. After checking in our rooms, we performed the prayer then had a rest. I didn't really had a rest instead I went down to The Rock Shop at Hard Rock Hotel to buy some stuffs with my bestie Emie. He's currently working in Penang at that day thus he decided to join us for the night.

Hard Rock Hotel from our window

Hard Rock Hotel Penang

As usual, Hard Rock has become one of the tourist attraction for many people including me. During my stay in UK, I've been to various HRC locations in UK and Europe. I started with collecting the t-shirts and expanded to pins. In Hard Rock Penang, there are three Rock Shops; 1 in the hotel lobby, 1 in the cafe and another one at a separate building. The separate one got the most items on sale with many designs and choices. I've been to this shop several time previously. Emie and I camwhore a bit outside the hotel and the shop. We purchased several pins to add up into our collection. It's nice having friends with same hobbies. :)

with Michael Jackson

Gurney Drive

Gurney Drive is famous for its hawker style food court. This place has become one of the popular attractions in Penang. After dusk, we drove here for dinner. We parked at the Gurney Plaza and then walked a bit to the food court area. Since it's weekend, the place was always full. Thus, we had to observe carefully which table was nearly done. After got one table, I quickly sat and booked the table and asked my friends to order food first. When they came back with food, then I went to order drinks. The popular food here includes rojak pasembur, char kway teow, laksa Penang, satay and got some fried rice too. Personally, I think the food was just okay, not that great. We're quite disappointed actually.

can't wait to eat dinner

Laksa Penang

Char kway teow


half of 7M6

HRC pincollector

After we had done with dinner, we drove back to the hotel. We dropped by Hard Rock Hotel again because the girls wanted to look around for souvenirs. Since it's night time (around 11pm), the live band in the hotel already started. Only the shop in the cafe was opened at that time. The cafe was very loud with the music and we couldn't really hear what the shopkeeper promoted to us. Kui3..

Then, we're off to bed.

[to be continued...]


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