Thursday, January 2, 2014

Imbasan 2013 [Part Two]

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all..

I think my second half of 2013 was more interesting than the first one. This is because many important events occurred at the later of the year including wedding and more on travelling.

07 | July

Well, it's Legoland again! Twice in July. First was with Badd and Wawa and the second one was with Emie. We had so much fun although the weather was a bit hot. We played most of the rides and toured around the Mini-land as usual. The later, we went during fasting month. The place is significantly empty. Hahaha.. We surely enjoy our day there.

08 | August

Hari Raya Aidilfitri came again. This year was a bit different. Instead of going back to Johor, we celebrate raya at Banting first because my grandmother was there. Then, only we headed to Johor. Our theme for this year was pink. It was lovely. *tetiba nak lovely*

Plus, it's my first time raya as a pharmacist. Our hospital (HSI) also organised a feast for Hari Raya. Once in hospital level, and another one by Pharmacy Dept. I made my honey cornflake cookies as usual. They loved it. :)

09 | September

Duo trip to Melaka with Lukman. We went to A'Famosa Water World and also Cowboy Town at night. We played with the water until evening and then at night we spent our time at the Cowboy Town watching the colourful parade. Too bad, it was raining heavily that night. We all got wet a little as we managed to rushed back into the building.

The day after, we attended Aufa's wedding at Tanjung Kling. Congrats Aufa! Cantik sangat wedding tu. :)

Moreover, Syafiq's wedding also happened in this month. Syafiq is my senior in university and also my senior in hospital. Ku bersamamu gitu. I happened to be a spontaneous bridesmaid for him. Lol

Travel again! This time to Singapore with my colleague, Zu. Supposedly we went there with another one but she declined at the last minute. We spent our day at the Garden by the Bay which was very beautiful and stunning. The landscapes were fantastic. I love the giant trees. Then, we continued our journey to Sentosa Island and took a stroll at Siloso Beach. It was nice. :)

Second trip to Melaka in this month. This time with Zu, Nur and Intan. We went to A'Famosa Animal World and also had seafood at Umbai. We really enjoyed this trip since this was the only trip we went together.

10 | October

My brother's wedding at Taiping and Shah Alam. Both receptions in the same month. Again, become the bridesmaid. Hehehe. When is my turn? The nikah ceremony was held in Taiping on Friday night while the reception on Saturday. Our reception in Shah Alam was three weeks later. I'm glad a few of my friends could make it to the wedding. Thanks for coming!

Goodbye Hospital Sultan Ismail. It's really sad that I had to leave after a year. I brought my camera on my last day, taking photos with everyone. Gonna miss you all. My next posting was in Klinik Kesihatan Bagan Terap which is located in Sabak Bernam. But I was quite happy that I got to work in Selangor because I can go back home quite often.

A trip to Bandung, Indonesia with my family. Shop till we dropped! Went to Kawah Putih as well to enjoy the view, not the smelly sulphur smell. The food in Kampung Daun is definitely yummy. The landscape was magnificent too with the greens and waterfall. It's soothing and calming.

11 | November

A trip to Medan, Indonesia with my parents and brother. Not much we did here, just came to relax and enjoy our leisure time. Just jalan-jalan cari makan and shopping. No tour or whatnot.

Next, to Kota Kinabalu with my fellow joyahs. We sent off Kak Pah to lapor diri as well. Some interesting places that we visited were Tamparuli, Kundasang, Pulau Sapi, Poring and many others. Kindly refer to my previous posts.

12 | December 

Went to 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo in Viva Home Mall. There were 100 statues of Doraemon plus other characters as well. We brought the kids too. These Doraemon are very cute, I hope his gadgets are real. I really want the door so badly.

Singapore trip with my brother. Just one day trip to Gardens by the Bay and also Sentosa Island. As usual, Hard Rock hunting to add my pin collection. :)

That's all for my 2013. What about you?


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