Saturday, August 20, 2011

Iftar Jami'i

13th Ramadhan

Komuniti Malaysia Glasgow (KMG) was hosting a big iftar for all Malaysians in Glasgow. Despite having exams, me and my few friends attended the iftar which was held at Victoria Hall, Govanhill. As usual, we tumpang ustaz's car to reach there.

The hall is located near ustaz's house.. Just a walking distance. We had prepared some potluck which were brownies and cheesy baguette with mushroom soup.

our potluck!

setting up the hall

At around 7 pm, the event started with an introduction speech by Dr. Nukman followed by tazkirah by a sheikh from Egypt. The tazkirah was about the meaning of one of the surah in al-Quran.

tazkirah session

By the way, my housemates and I plus Bee and Aleen were in charged of food distribution. The main dishes were nasi briyani and lamb. Other brought their potlucks such as bubur lambuk, fried chicken, sandwiches, pudding, samosa, cheesecakes and kuih-muih. There were really a huge amount of food served!

briyani and lamb came in big pots!

A lot people came as well. I think more than 50.. Maybe around 70-80 including children.. Zakat counter was also opened here. This was my first time paying zakat myself. Usually my father will pay for me at Malaysia. But the rate here is different, so better I pay it myself. The rate is £3 per person.

zakat counter

We broke our fast at 9.03 pm with dates and water first, then pray Maghrib jemaah. After the pray, the food distributors took their places and getting ready with the senduk. Then other people queued up to get their food, just like in asrama.. =p


We served until no more people in the queue. I was happy serving people, especially during this holy month of Ramadhan where our pahala will be multipled. Alhamdulillah...

After Tarawikh prayer, ustaz sent us home. It was quite a tiring evening, so we made sure we got enough rest because tomorrow we had to study for exams. We also brought some food home so that we didn't need to cook for sahur.

*I didn't take many photos during this event..


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