Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hiking @Beinn Dubh + Loch Lomond

I did something healthy last Sunday. I joined a hiking trip with my housemates & Joe. I don't really like doing adventurous stuff because I know I have a very little stamina. But for this instance, I just joined it for fun and experience.

We took a 7 am bus from Buchanan Bus Station to Luss By-Pass at Glendarroch Tea Room bus stop. The journey took about 45 minutes and the ticket price was £8.88. Actually, if we booked the ticket earlier, we could get it at £6. The hill that we were going to climb is Beinn Dubh which is 642 metre high.

We started climbing the hill at 8.15 am and reached the top 2 hours later. It was VERY TIRING! Due to my lack of stamina, I had to stop many times to catch my breath and also to compensate lactic acid production in my leg. My legs were burning if I continued walking non-stop. I know that I made the hiking slower, but what to do. I didn't want to force myself so I stop to drinks or eat Snickers regularly.

The tracks though weren't very adventurous, it was still very challenging. The paths were basically grass fields and sometimes we would pass by ferns, rocks and steep steps. The weather was quite gloomy with occasional rain. It was so cold up there! We also saw a couple of goats up on the hill unaffected by the rain. They might have adapted to the weather well. One fantastic moment is that I fell into a muddy water up to knee length. Then my pants and shoes get wet! So unlucky..

We had our lunch at the top in the rain. We had prepared fried noodles and burgers last night. The cold weather made our fingers numb. We couldn't grip our food like we normally do. After having some rest, we continued our journey back to the hill bottom. Along the way, we met several local people going up the hill. One of the old lady managed to have a little chat with us. She called us 'bad boys' simply because we didn't bring our gloves during the hiking. Gloves is one of the important thing that we must bring during hiking to withstand the cold temperature.

Back at the bottom, we dropped by a souvenir shops to buy some stuffs such as postcards (30p), snowglobes (£3.25) and Glen Appin teddy bears (£1.50).

Then we proceed to Loch Lomond which is a huge lake located nearby. It was so huge and it looks like a beach. There were a few boats and canoes. Ducks and seagulls were fighting with each other as well 'arkk arkkk arkkkk'. Bising betul! Then some dogs were seen playing stick throwing with their owners.

We stayed there for some times until 3.30 pm and proceeded to the bus stop to catch our bus back to the city.


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