Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tajine Restaurant @Bukit Bintang

Had a makan2 with my family today at Tajine Restaurant, Jalan Bukit Bintang. It is located near Pavilion and Fahrenheit88. The restaurant resides alongside Tarbush and Naab restaurant.

This restaurant serves Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes. This was my second time eating here actually. The food portion is very big you know. One plate can be eaten by 2 persons. Most of the main courses cost about RM20 plus. And the drinks RM10 plus.

Chicken biryani

Lamb hummus (served with bread)

Lamb kabsa

Spring chicken

Chicken cous cous

The meals here are quite satisfying especially with huge portion which is very suitable for my belly. The taste of food is also quite nice and well done, but I'm not saying perfect. After done with eating, we had to take away our unfinished meal because no one can eat anymore.

Pergi tadi ikut umi & ayah, tapi balik ikut along sebab along kidnap Arissa bawak pergi kedai mainan.. Hahaha.. Then, berjaya pau Alin 3 robot Gundam plus 6 model bases.. =)

Arissa and uncle Iwa main robot


Nadira Nasarauddin said...

wah bestnya.
ni yang buat dira macam nak ajak kawan2 pegi makan kat situ jugak nh :)

PahPihPuh said...

portion very da pak arab kann..
mmg kak pah suke~

Unknown said...

@dira: sila2.. mmg puas makan mknn arab.. kenyang...

@kak pah: kak pah suke, ibu setuju.. =)

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