Thursday, January 13, 2011

PappaRich - AleenRich - LollyRich

I admit that this was my first time jejaking my feet into PappaRich kopitiam.

We dined here to celebrate my friends' belated birthday (Aleen & Fariz) during lunch time..

There's a wide variety of menu available here. For a first timer like me, I think the Ipoh Kuetiau Sup is quite nice, the nasi lemak also not bad. Sempat la rasa sesudu nasi lemak Anis. I tasted Cipak's curry laksa but I don't think it's a hit. Because the flavour is kinda dull, and not as spicy as it looks like. The chicken chop with rice is also quite nice.

The drinks served here are also kinda unique. There's iced coffee with vanilla ice cream, soya milk with coffee jelly, lime coke and the desserts are also very tempting. I managed to taste the cendol and also played cendoling with Wanji. Lol..

Then, surprise surprise.. The birthday cake fell from the sky and POOOFF!! Suddenly a delicious La Boheme's American Chocolate cake tersergam indah in front of our eyes. Then we sang a soft birthday song for Fariz and Aleen before we dug into the cake. Nom.. nom.. nom...

Geng rempit V10

Pembeli kek yang setia. Setakat ini belum ada lg yg berjaya menandingi kekerapan membeli kek kami berdua.. Berbakti utk sahabat.. =)


Anis suap Fariz sambil diperhatikan oleh Mirah.

Tiba giliran Cipak menyuap Aleen.. Bee sempat pose ye.. Tak boleh kalah..

Sedapnya kek ini.. Makan atas kertas je ke? Kedekut pinggan la PappaRich ni..

Dekorasi sempena Tahun Baru Cina

Then we jalan2 around Midvalley and did some window shopping. Couldn't really shopping since almost all of us are still in money-wise thought. However, I managed to grab a couple of Pokemon TCG Booster Packs and a Transformers Arcee Deluxe figure. Here goes my money. Flying without wings...

Hasil pembaziran wang pada hari ini...


LoLLy~ said...

played cendoling...auw mannn, dat is sooo bromance,hua3...domo arigato! XD

Unknown said...

bromance la.. best tau.. cendol oh cendol~


PahPihPuh said...

Akak strongly agree ok statement penulis,
I tasted Cipak's curry laksa but I don't think it's a hit. Because the flavour is kinda dull, and not as spicy as it looks like.(1)

1.Samian Iwa.My Story of my life.Semua Birthday Girl pada Hari itu Kaya.13 January uncountable.

Unknown said...

haha.. siap ade reference lg tuh.. curlast cipak..

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