Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Obsessions

Despite of having class tests for two weeks, I managed to steal some time facebooking, twittering, blogging, gaming and whatnots.

I'm very active in playing FB games and I love spamming my friends' walls with game notification. Sorry guys...

My current obsessions are the CSI game and Cityville game. I spent much time solving cases and upgrading my city instead of studying for my future. Ok, itu tipu, I study selang seli dengan main game.. Tak salahkan? Boleh release stress by having some fun.

CSI screenshots

This is my CSI lab with CSI characters working for me..

Searching for evidences at the crime scene.

Evidence in process.

Can choose different cases simultaneously.

Equipment store.

Investigation tools.

Cityville screenshots

My lovely and crowded city. Nama nak Hogwarts je, tak menahan..

Can collect things which can be trade in for rewards.

My city.. again..

The store where we can buy houses, decorations and farming materials.


aikasayang said...

waduh waduh bapak...
mencabar minda betul game bapak main
CSI curlasst gitu=)

Unknown said...

haha.. csi mmg curlast.. cubalah la main..

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