Friday, July 12, 2013

PRP Week 30 to 33 - TPN

TPN or Total Parenteral Nutrition is also under responsible of Pharmacy Department. Although it is not really drug related, but it is also one of important component of pharmacy especially in hospital setting. So what is TPN? It is a preparation of nutritional fluid composed of protein, fat and carbohydrate which are then compounded into a bag. Patient received the nutritional through intravenous line.

TPN is divided into 2 sections; one is for preparation of TPN and another one is for IV additives which includes preparation of CIVAS (IV antibiotics which already been diluted into proper strength), eye drops, and also APS (for morphine and fentanyl etc).

Thus, as a PRP, I have to reach certain target in both sections. These are our jobscopes:

1. Clerk case in the morning especially the latest lab findings
2. Call the doctors to confirm the TPN cases
3. Prepare the worksheets
4. Print labels
5. Prepare the ingredients
6. Get change into ninja suits
7. Get into sterile room
8. Prepare TPN & CIVAS
9. Clerk case into TPN CP2 froms (target 30 cases)

Ok la, malas nk tulis banyak.. Cheers~


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