Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome Baby!

As you all know, or didn't know, yesterday was a memorable day for our family as a new little family member came to our lives.

Arissa got herself a new baby sister! However, the full name hasn't yet been determined, so just wait for the update ok.. However, the middle name would be Imani... Currently my sister in law is still in the hospital accompanied by my brother. We were told that she will be discharged by today.

Arissa tak sabar2 nak pergi hospital tengok baby

21.2.2011 baby!

Tadaa! A still-red-baby! She looks much like Arissa when she was born years ago..

Arissa muah2 her adik..

Arissa terkejut when her adik cried..

Arissa masuk dalam tempat tidur baby! Maybe she miss her old times inside it.

Anyway, congrats to Angah and Kak Kyra for the new baby! She's cute and adorable!


LoLLy~ said...

hahaha...kaki dah pnjg x muat dahhh....ouh yeah new baby!!

Unknown said...

baby ko mane? cepatlah.. lol

PahPihPuh said...

Lolly pnye on the way!
klaka r gamba arissa masuk tempat baby tue..
aku rase bukan die nak..pakcik die yg letak =p

Unknown said...

lolly dgn sape ek? hahaha

eh, salah tu cipak, arissa mmg nk masuk.. die sibuk tunjuk2 kt mende alah tu...

Eda Latiff said...

so cute...haha..lawak la arissa jeles agaknya baby je boleh duk kt tempat tidur tu yea..;-)

LoLLy~ said...

baby aku bakal2..insyaAllah klau ade rezeki,ewahhh

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