Sunday, December 5, 2010

MAHA 2010

This was my first time attending MAHA 2010 at Serdang. So, what is MAHA? MAHA stands for Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism.. Hish, panjang betul nama...

I went to the expo this morning with my Umi and Sufi. Ayah couldn't join due to his leg pain caused by gout.

We arrived there at 10 am but the parking areas were freaking crowded, jammed and long-queued. So we ended up parking our car at the roadside of the highway. There's a small door linked to the expo. What a relief...

The expo itself is about 7km sq feet?? You might tercabut kaki if you walk that far in a sunny bright hot warm sun. There's a shuttle bus service provided so we can move easily from one place to anothers.

We went to the agriculture section only because my Umi didn't intend to buy anything from other sections. So we just watched the fruits, vegies as well as products from IKS (industri kecil sederhana) made by locals. After walking in the sun for about one and a half hour, we ate some quick snacks which were fried chicken and sausages while Umi ate kuetiau sup. During the expo we bought some daging salai, perfumes, big ball for Arissa, flower decorations, milks and local carbonated drinks.

Then we went back to Shah Alam and before that we dropped by Meru to buy some kerepeks for my cousin's wedding next next next week.


cahaya wawa said...

last time i went to MAHA, my mom was buying all the instant fried thingy.. pastuh x goreng2 pun.. wat penuh fridge je

PahPihPuh said...

anis pegi MAHA,ko pegi MAHA..
memang sehati sejiwa!
btw,makanan ko tue nampak sedap la..

Unknown said...

@cahaya keimanan

MAHA mmg byk jual mende goreng2.. abes la gmok nnt..

@cipak baba o' riley

sehati sejiwa, bersekutu bertambah mutu.. ceewaahhh.. sedap tau ayam goreng tu.. mcm chicken chop size die..

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