Monday, July 19, 2010

Transformers 3 Filming

Seriously, I can't wait for Transformers 3 movie!

Here are photos from the filming process I grabbed from Seibertron.

an unknown red car with Bumblebee

great sets and props!

Ratchet with new colour scheme


a new robot? a blue Mercedes..


Actors in action!

Last but not least, Optimus Prime! This time, he got a trailer!

* Today is our very last class as the whole P109. After DD test tomorrow, we will be having a 2-week study breaks. After that, in September, half of us will fly first to Glasgow.. Gonna miss all of u! =(


cahaya wawa said...

half of you? u apply uni mana nih? when u're about fly ??

Unknown said...

uni of strathclyde.. ktrg ade 2 program

1. 2+2 - ni fly sept 2010
2. 2.5+1 - ni fly jun 2011 (i la tu)

cahaya wawa said...

owhh.. i pray supaya that time i dah balik for good. so need to work harder to pass the 2nd yer and be sure about that (sending u off to scotland)

Anonymous said...

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